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4/14/19 weekend

17u Gauntlet team went 2-2 in Boston MA

14 Select went 2-1 in Middletown NJ

4/6/19 weekend

9u We All Will GoIdle

11u Runnin Rebels

3-1 Loss in the Championship of Team Miller event

12u Elite

4-0 Champions Team Miller

12u Phenoms Idle

13u Phenoms (Nash)

2-2 Loss in Chip (Pure event)

13u Bailey

3-1 Champions Team Miller event

14u Select

14u Attack

4-0 Champions Team Miller event

15u Superstars

3-1 Loss in Finals of Pure event

16u Phenoms

1-2 Pure Event

16u Red

3-1 Loss in Finals of Team Miller event

17u Phenoms 

0-3 Pure Event

17 Gauntlet  Idle


Pure Event

12u Cathcart 1-2

Defeated Jersey City Jr Bulls

Loss to Hilltopper Heat

Loss to Team Miller

13u Attack

Defeated Team Miller 67-58

Defeated Pure Basketball 48-33

Loss to NJ Racers in OT 69-68

14 Phenoms

14u Superstars

Defeated Team Miller

Defeated Hilltopper Heat

Loss to Pure Basketball 


Loss to Middletown Heat

Defeated Hilltopper Heat

Defeated Pure Basketball

16 Phenoms

Loss to Team Miller

Loss to Pure Basketball

Defeated Runnin Rebels 38-33

BBall Spotlight

11u Parker 1-2

Defeated Lehigh Valley 39-36

Loss to WeR1 45-23

Loss to NJ Shoreshots 43-24


Gym Rat Challege

May 25-26th 2018

12u Bailey 1-2

Defeated Hudson Valley Panthers 71-17

Loss to City Rocks 73-55

Loissto Worchester Team United 52-35

13u Attack 2-1

Defeated NY Ratz 53-47

Defeated Bay State Jaguars 64-52

Loss t0 Hope (White) 80-50

14 Superstars 2-1

Defeated Mass Premier 52-47

Defeated Bethlehem Next Up 57-39

Loss to Rock Elite 57-40

15 Big Game Seekers 3-1 *loss in Playoffs

Defeated  CD Premier 63-37

Defeated Blue Wave 45-35

Defeated  CT Premier 48-24

Loss to NY Havoc

16u Red 3-1 *Loss in Playoffs

Defeated Lincoln Park Panthers 61-53

Defeated Connecticut Elite Blue 72-51

Defeated REIGN 65-54

Loss to CT Premier 55-53

17u Mullings 0-3

Loss to Pro Level Titans 39-37

Loss to  CSA Velocity (Donnell) 45-24

Loss to Playmaker Academy Pumas 42-39

May 19-20th

Phight 4 Philly


4th Grade Haqq *CHAMPIONS
 Defeated Collegeville Jaguars 39-22

Defeated NY Rebels 32-18

Defeated Central PA Elite 30-29

Defeated Team Success 32-18

5th Grade Parker 3-1

Defeated Moca Warriors 18-17

Defeated East Coast Power 40-36

Defeated KashOut Elite 52-48

Loss to East Coast Poer 49-35


6th Cathcart

Loss to Intergrity Sports 40-19

Loss to LWB Skyscrapers 48-33

Loss to Central PA Elite 57-24


6th Bailey

Defeated East Coast 40-15

Defeated LWB Skyscrapers 56-39

Defeated Intergrity Sports 45-32

Loss to Central PA Elite 49-28


7th Attack 3-2 Loss in Chip

Defeated Team United 46-35

Loss to Central PA Elite 60-56

Defeated Brandywine YMCA 60-21

Defeated NY Rebels 47-41

Loss to Central PA Elite 61-29


8th Superstars 2-1

Loss to Let it Fly 42-39

Defeated RI Elite 67-13

Defeated Philly Ballhawks 49-26


9th Grade 1-2

Loss to East Coast Power 51-47

Loss to Role Model Elite 58-57

Defeated RI Elite 93-79

10th Phenoms 0-3

Loss to East Coast Power 38-33

Loss to JS Warriors Blue 60-37

Loss to Role Model Elite 65-42


10th Red 3-2


Defeated Jersey Shore Warriors Bue 65-62

Defeated RI Elite 56-29

Defeated East Coast Power 48-36

Loss to Jersey Shore Warriors Gold 65-55

Loss to Jersey Shore Warriors Blue 69-46

May 12th 2018

BballShootout 1 Day Event

12u Cathcart 2-1  Loss in the Championship

Defeated Jersey Fusion 41-18

Defeated BT Ballers 40-25

Loss to SI Mavricks 37-36 *Buzzer beater

13u Select 2-1 Loss in Chip

Defeated Hoops There it Is 49-23

Defeated SI Musketeers 46-17

Loss to Team FNTSY Red 54-47

14u Phenoms Champions 3-0

Defeated SI Mavricks 57-44

Defeated HV Panthers 40-32

Defeated Bulls Basketball White 45-38

16 Phenoms 0-2

Loss to ML Blaze 38-35

Loss to NY Ratz 39-32



May 5-6th

Gotham City Classic

11u 0-3

Loss to NJ Racers 36-33

Loss to Mo Steel (Florida) 50-31

Loss to Middletown's Finest 45-30


12u Bailey 2-2

Loss to Bulls Basketball 50-45

Defeated Tri State Thunder 43-33

Defeated Edge Athletics 63-34

Loss to Middletowns Finest in the finals 62-34


13u Attack 4-0 CHAMPIONS

Defeated NY Rens 41-30

Defeated NJ Racers 56-36

Middletowns' Finest 20-0

Millbank Flyers 20-0


14u Superstars 5-0 CHAMPIONS

Defeated Dream NYC 69-40

Defeated MS Hoops 54-17

Defeated Lightning 52-40

Defeated House of Sports 60-18

Defeated RSJ Avengers in the championship


15u 3-1

Defeated Bulls Basketball 54-45

Defeated Game 7 54-27

Defeated Lightning 53-16

Loss to Yorkville Eagles 41-37

MSU Diamonds Blackmon (CJ Cardinals Tournament) 2-2

MSU Diamonds 8th grade 3-1 (CJ Cardinals)

16u Phenoms 0-3

Loss to Team Epic 35-30

Loss to Lightning Haber 59-46

Loss to CWB 48-34

12u Cathcart

1-2 (Jersey Force Tournament

Loss to B Town Ballers 52-17

Loss to Jersey Shore Force 45-30

Defeated Starting 5 45-31


16u Elite

2-1 Elevate Hoops

Loss to CT Select 52-31

Defeated Gymwork 68-58

Defeated Team Silk Black (MD) 50-45

17u 3-1 Team Miller Showcase Champions

Defeated 3D Basketball 57-55

Defeated 3D Basketball

Loss to Team Miller 87-75

Defeated Team Miller 57-45

12u Bailey 3-1 Team Miller Showcase

Defeated NJ Dragons 38-21

Defeated Team Miller (Lance) 52-28

Defeated SJ Titans 48-12

Loss to Ring City

13u Wins the Northeast Regional NJ  4-0

defeated West Essex YMCA 54-19

Defeated King Hoops 55-19

Defeated NE Nightmare 50-27

Defeated Mountain B-Ball 37-9


14u Phenoms 1-2 Team Miller Event

Loss to SJ Titans 40-35

Defeated Team Miller 9th grade 49-45

Loss to SJ Titans 9th grade 55-36


Hoop Group Pittsburgh Jam Fest

16u Red 2-1

Defeated Team Pro Look 70-46

Loss to DMV Warriors 70-62

Defeated Hardwork Basketball A 70-61

Ball is in your Hands event

MSU Diamonds 8th grade 3-1

Defeated Riverbank 72-10

Defeated Game time Cougars 37-35

Defeated Stack 38-15

Loss to Garden State Aces 41-31

MSU Diamonds 10th grade 1-2

Loss to East Coast Panthers 30-20

Defeated NJ Gazelles 32-31

Loss to Force NYC 43-40

All In Event (FDU)

10u Haqq 1-1

11u Parker 1-1

12u Bailey 2-0 CHAMPIONS

13u Select 

14u Superstars 2-0 CHAMPIONS

FCP Early Nationals April 14th and 15th


MSU 10 Haqq went 2-2 on the weekend


12u Cathcart finished 1-3


13u Attack finished 3-1

Loss to Ocean Elite 47-38 

Defeated Point Pleasant Panthers 48-16

Defeated Philly Bulls 37-26

Defeated Delaware Thunder 57-17


14u Vaughn 3-1


MSU Phenoms 16u 1-4

Defeated Jersey Jam 55-41

Loss to Runnin Rebels 43-21

Loss to BC Hoops 47-46

Loss to YSU Elite 66-35

Loss to B All In 36-29


MSU 17u Red 1-3


Loss to Let it Fly 51-47

Defeated Magic Time 50-32






April 7-8th Premier 1 Mid Atlantic Delaware 

11u 1-2


12u Bailey 3-1


15u 4-0 Champions


16 Phenoms 0-3

Loss to Pirates 35-33

Loss to Ridley 36-33

Loss to 1st State Elite 45-33


17u 0-3 

Advance Hoops 50-26

Achieve More 54-41

Achieve More (Johnson) 36-38


Hamilton NJ FCP Hoops

13u Select 4-0 Champions


14u Superstars 1-1


March 31st Team Miller Event

12u Cathcart 1-1 Defeated South Brunswick 48-28

Loss to Team Miller 36-17


13u Attack 3-0 Championship


14u Phenoms 0-2


16 Red 1-1

16u Red 36 Team Evolution 41

16u Red 48 NJ Bulldogs B 28





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