“Right now, I think we’re putting too much pressure on these kids too early, and they’re not learning proper technique of how to shoot the ball, or proper technique of spacing,”.   “It winds up eating away at their confidence. As teachers, we need to have patience to teach things piece by piece by piece. Over time, they’ll develop as basketball players, but you can’t just rush it all at once.”


Kobe Bryant



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MSU Skyliners

 The MSU Skyliners were created in 1995 by Arthur Pierson as a non for profit 501c3 program. Coach Pierson decided to bring the Skyliners to  life as an outlet for Plainfield, New Jersey,  and surrounding area youth as a vehicle to gain student-athletes attention to urban issues as well as to continue to learn the game of basketball.  Over the years, The Skyliners have grown to include at most points over 8 teams a year.  The (M)iddlesex (S)omerset (U)nion Skyliners have expanded to include kids from all over New Jersey and even Pennsylvania at times.  We are and will continue to be a developmental program.  If you are looking to win a national title, then we are probably not the program for you.  Skill development, in-game experience, and life lessons are at the top of our list.  We stress education and family values more than basketball wins and losses.  Our kids are mentored to want what's best out of life and to work hard to achieve it.  Our program has an educational tutor that secures a classroom twice a week for those that need assistance, and all of the coaches phone numbers are available to them if they need to talk.  Last but not least, our Motto since 1995 and continues to this day is...

"We are not trying to make money out of you"

"We are trying to make a Player and model citizen out of you!" 


"Hard Work beats

Talent when Talent

doesn't Work Hard.”